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Civil Litigation




If settlement is not possible and litigation is inevitable, the key thing is to win the case:
- The losing party usually has to pay the winning party's legal fees, which can be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands or millions of Australian dollars.
- We have real litigation experience and we can quickly determine your chances of winning, the way to fight, and the way to take evidence.
- If your chances of winning are low, we have a wealth of strategies to reach a settlement through pressure and other means.
- If your chances of winning are high, we have the experience to fight for your best interests by all legal means.




Specialised in Civil Litigation:

  • We are your sharp weapon and heavy shield!
  • Fast track arbitration for construction debt collection without going to court
  • Emergency freezing of assets in court
  • Recovering losses for clients who were misled and defrauded many times
  • Successfully represented clients in multi-million commercial disputes
  • Many times in all levels of court to make the other party to compensate for the lawyer's fees
  • Successfully assessed and recovered other lawyers' unreasonable fees for many times



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Why Choose Us

Broaden Legal's Sydney civil litigation lawyers know how to achieve successful outcomes in both simple and complex disputes. Our goal is to achieve commercially viable results for you through negotiation and courtroom legal strategies. In cases where legal principles may lead to an anticipated failure, we strive to minimize your losses or risks.

Broaden Legal will candidly tell you the truth. We won't create false expectations. We won't encourage you to pursue a lawsuit without value, and we will strive to facilitate a settlement in cases with low chances of success.

Broaden Legal's lawyers will provide you with a single, comprehensive cost estimate upfront, with no hidden fees. All our invoices itemize details to enhance your confidence in our transparency and integrity.

The Sydney commercial litigation lawyers at Broaden Legal will actively seek to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or expert adjudication and work with lawyers who specialise in these areas of family, probate and real estate law.

Broaden Legal's Sydney civil litigation lawyers often collaborate with top barristers. We maintain good relationships with the courts, barrister, liquidators, and expert witnesses.

We can help with the following issues

Broaden Legalhas extensive experience in dealing with the following matters:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Property Loan/Mortgage
  • Oral Agreement Loan
  • Shareholder/ Director Loan
  • No Bank Transfer Loan
  • Construction Related Loan
  • Adjudication
  • Construction Quality Claims
  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Guarantee Claim
  • Misleading/Deceptive Conduct
  • Investment Fraud
  • Shareholder Oppression
  • Breach of Director’s Duty
  • Breach of Shareholder Agreement
  • Shareholder/Director Dispute
  • Contract Dispute
  • Trust Dispute
  • Partnership Dispute
  • Costs Assessment


Depending on the nature and subject matter of the dispute, your case may be in a state local, district, supreme court, or various types of arbitration tribunals, or federal courts. Generally, the losing party pays the winning party's legal fees. In some special courts, each party pays its own legal fees (fairwork), or there is a cap on legal fees (for disputes under $20,000 in Local Court).
Certain disputes, such as construction-related disputes, have special fast-track arbitration channels that allow them to be resolved without going to court if they meet the requirements. If the other party doesn't understand the process, we can help you with a few simple emails to increase your chances of winning in expedited arbitration and getting a win when the other party is ill-prepared.
There are various ways of enforcing a judgement. For example, garnishment of bank accounts, seizure of finances, liquidation of an individual or company, etc. We usually do some searches before filing a lawsuit to determine the probability of enforcing the judgement if we win the case.

If you are the plaintiff, you should be aware of the difficulty of enforcing the judgement. In recent years, there have been cases where some Australian judgements have been enforced in China. Please consult a Chinese lawyer for details of how to enforce a judgement in China. If you are the defendant, you should consider asking the other party to pay security for costs for legal fees in order to continue with the proceedings, so as to avoid difficulties in enforcing legal fees if the other party loses.

The law recognises verbal or partially written agreements, and depending on the before and after scenario and context, even an informal agreement and a few WeChat text messages can constitute strong evidence in support of the existence of a verbal agreement. We have several cases where we have won cases without formal agreements.

Once the court process has begun, you can issue a subpoena at the appropriate time and the third party, upon receipt of the subpoena, must either provide the documents contained in the subpoena that are relevant to the case or appear in court to give evidence. We have extensive experience of when to issue subpoenas, to whom to issue them to, what to include in the subpoena and what to do if you have to deal with the other party's objections.