We provide comprehensive advice in the following area of law.

Our advice is easy to understand and is tailored to your need.

Our advice is based on professional knowledge and real-life experience.

Criminal / Traffic Law

24 hour urgent bail application / non-guilty defence / sentencing / drug related / assault / smuggling / kidnapping / sexual assault / Domestic violence / drink-driving / driving without license / dangerous driving

Civil Litigation

debt recovery / fraud / misleading and deceptive conduct / professional negligence / contract dispute / will and estate / shareholder dispute / bankruptcy / director’s duties / consumer protection / trademark infringement / employment dispute

Family Law

divorce / property division / parenting / spouse maintenance / child support / de-facto relationship / Binding financial agreement / consent order

Property / Commercial / Employment

property conveyancing / purchase or sale of business / estate planning / lease / deed / option / franchise agreement / licensing and other company agreements

Immigration / Immigration Appeal

immigration advice / immigration application / migration appeal

Criminal / Traffic Law

If you are in police custody  or have received a Court Attendance Notice and need detailed professional advice on a criminal matter, please contact our office at 02 9139 3436.

As professional criminal defence lawyers, we have extensive experience in representing clients in all types of criminal and traffic cases, including:

  • Bail applications in Local Court/Supreme Court;
  • Drug trafficking and drug-related charges;
  • Assault and wounding;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Smuggled tobacco;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Gang kidnapping;
  • Fraud;
  • Drunk/negligent/dangerous driving;
  • Driving without a licence;
  • Various criminal related appeals.

Our success stories (including lawyer’s past practice experience) * :

  • Client not guilty of serious drug trafficking case – large commercial quantity
  • Client acquitted of sexual assault charges
  • Client with multiple criminal records granted bail in the Supreme Court.
  • Client acquitted of wounding charges.
  • Appeal of sentencing successful with sentence reduced to a s10 dismissal.
  • Client charged with dangerous driving causing serious injury. Pleaded guilty and obtain a s10 non – conviction with a one-year good behaviour bond.  

Civil Litigation

We are experienced in civil litigation including areas such as contract dispute, debt recovery, fraud, guarantee, professional negligence, consumer protection, will and estate, shareholder dispute, bankruptcy, director’s duties and trademark infringement.

Selected cases:

  • Costs assessment against numerous legal practitioners (including barristers) and recovered excessive legal fees for our client. On one occasion over 90% legal fees were recovered from a barrister in NSW.
  • Obtaining a highly favorable result for a client pursuant to a personal guarantee.
  • Successfully defending a professional negligence claim in relation to a project over $5 millions.
  • Successfully extended a caveat for a tenant in the Supreme Court of NSW and obtained costs order against the opponent on an indemnity basis.
  • Successfully obtaining judgment order on behalf of constructions companies against developers in NSW and VIC for construction debts.
  • Negotiating and obtaining highly favorable disclosure orders in the Supreme Court of Queensland requesting shareholders and directors to disclose business records.
  • Obtaining multiple millions of compensation in the Federal Court for breach of consumer law regarding a luxury yacht.
  • Obtaining favorable settlement for our client against one of the largest Ebay seller.
  • After our client’s trade mark was registered by another competitor, successfully negotiated with the other company and press the other company to transfer the ownership of the trade mark to our client without consideration.

Family Law

Divorce. Property division, Parenting, Spouse maintenance, De-Facto relationship.

Whether you can reach an agreement with your former spouse or not, we can provide reliable advice to help you navigate these difficult times.

We understand the importance of communication in family law cases. We will obtain instructions precisely and effectively and provide you with strategy and plan tailored to your circumstances.

We are also experienced in taking over on-going family law matters if our client is not happy with his or her former solicitors. We have turned around many cases prior to final hearings and obtained favorable results for our clients.

Selected cases:

  • Obtained majority property division whilst our client did not have comprehensive evidence showing her contribution.
  • Obtained majority parenting time and right to live with children in parenting dispute in many cases.
  • On numerous occasions facilitate the settlement of property division/parenting plan, child support agreement, and consent orders.

Property / Commercial / Employment

We take a practical and cost-effective approach in property, leasing and commercial matters.

Broaden Legal’s property team has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of commercial and property law services including:


Various contracts and transactions in relation to land such as conveyancing, contract for the sale of land and put and call option.
Advice on the off-the-plan property and land development.
Building contracts, owner builder issues and the Home Building Act 1989.
Retail and commercial leases and the Retail Lease Act 1994.
Advice on matters related to land tax and stamp duties.

Commercial and related areas

Advice on corporate structure including company constitution and shareholders agreement.
Investment structure such as partnerships, trusts and companies.
Statutory licensing in relation to liquor and gaming, restaurant and food handling and financial licence.
Acquisition of companies and businesses including the transfer of employees and related licences.

Employment and industrial relations

Advice on and preparation of employment/independent contractor contracts and executive agreement.
Advice on all kinds of workplace matters such as your wages and entitlements, dismissal and termination of employment contract, workplace bullying and work, health and safety law.

Immigration / Immigration Appeal

Immigration is a complex area of law that involves extensive rules and regulations that often changed quickly. Broaden Legal has a well-established immigration team. Our immigration lawyers have rich experience and up-to-date knowledge about Australian immigration law and policy which is why we are able to assess your circumstances and provide you with customised advice with respect to visas or immigration plans suitable to you and your family.

Broaden Legal can help you with various categories of visa applications including:

  • Various investment-based Visa and Entrepreneur Visa
  • Employer-sponsored Visa
  • Spouse sponsored Visa
  • Skilled based Visa
  • Family reunion and Resident return
  • Visa cancellation/application rejection
  • Investigation, requisition, and waiver of conditions

As immigration and litigation professionals, Broaden Legal can also help when your visa is refused by the Department of Home Affairs.

Most Australian visas refusal decisions have the right to be appealed. The most common place to appeal a visa refusal decision is the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. However, what clients are often not aware and confused about is the strict time limit for lodging an appeal application as well as the merits of appeal.

For complicated cases, it is crucial for applicants to be properly represented. It is a wise idea to have legal professionals in Broaden Legal by your side from the beginning of the process.