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Criminal Defence

顶级悉尼刑事辩护律师 大量重案陪审团无罪辩护成功 多次为客户逆天改命



The criminal lawyers (criminal defense lawyers) at Broaden Legal may be among the most experienced in Sydney, with extensive experience in jury trials and defense in high-profile cases, and they are fluent in Chinese. Broaden Legal has longstanding partnerships with many renowned barristers and chambers, such as Forbes Chambers, Samuel Griffith Chambers, Wardell Chambers, New Chambers, Banco Chambers, Greenway Chambers, 8th Floor Wentworth Chambers, 5th Wentworth Chambers, etc.

Specialised Criminal Law:

  • Most experienced Chinese lawyer in jury trials
  • Super high non-guilty verdict rate
  • Many life changing result in favour for clients
  • Many non-guilty or non-conviction results
  • Many AVO/ADVO dismissal
  • Many successful Mental Health Application
  • Numerous successful urgent bails and Supreme Court bails
  • Many costs orders against prosection/police

Principal Solicitor


Andrea Song

Principal Solicitor


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We can help with the following charges

Broaden Legal's criminal defence lawyers have extensive experience in many types of cases, including:

  • Drug related
  • Sexual Assault
  • Common Assault
  • Stalk Intimidation
  • Larceny/Burglary
  • Firearms
  • Child Porn
  • Federal Police
  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Import Cigar
  • Import Drug
  • Terrorism
  • Cyber Fraud
  • Identity Thief
  • Espionage
  • Traffic Law
  • Drink/ Drug Driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving w/o License
  • Running Red Light
  • Negligent Driving Causing Bodily Harm
  • Negligent Driving
  • Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm
  • Driving Causing - Death
  • Procedures
  • Urgent Bail
  • Local Court Bail
  • Supreme Court Bail
  • Inter State Bail
  • Extradition
  • Plea bargaining
  • Freezing of proceeds of crime
  • Confiscation of proceeds of crime

Why Choose Us

We are specialised Sydney Chinese Criminal Lawyers (Criminal Defence Lawyers)

Broaden Legal's criminal lawyers (criminal defense lawyers) may be among the most experienced and fluent Chinese-speaking criminal lawyers in Sydney. Ms. Andrea Song has participated in and conducted dozens of major criminal trials in Sydney, including several jury trials. Lawyer Song has prior experience as a prosecutor. She has successfully obtained rare court judgments in Sydney, compelling the prosecution (prosecutors, police) to compensate our clients for legal fees.

Sydney Chinese Criminal Lawyer (Criminal Defence Lawyer) We have fought the most jury trials.
In the dozens of jury trials conducted by our criminal lawyers (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal, we have obtained the majority of not guilty verdicts for major offences including drug trafficking, sexual assault (aggravated), death by dangerous driving and kidnapping.
Sydney Chinese criminal lawyers (criminal defence lawyers) we are very experienced in dealing with investigations

The criminal lawyers (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal are also experienced in assisting you with investigations. We have successfully assisted clients with major bank fraud investigations resulting in the dismissal of investigations against our clients.

Local Court Charges and Mental Health Applications with Ultra-High Non-Criminal Record Results
In addition to serious indictable offences, the criminal solicitor(criminal defense solicitors) at Broaden Legal & Associates are very experienced in handling other Local Court cases, such as ADVO charges, harassment and intimidation, drug possession, common assault, burglary, and more. The vast majority of our clients have either obtained not guilty verdicts or have not recorded any criminal convictions.S14 (formerly known as S32) Mental Health Act applications are also a speciality of the criminal solicitors (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal. Andrea Song has appeared in dozens of hearings and obtained S14 judgements - exonerating our clients from criminal charges and recording no convictions.
Collaboration with Top Barristers
The criminal solicitors (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal regularly work with Sydney's top barristers and are able to represent clients at hearings in the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court proceedings without the need for a barrister.
High Bail Success Rates
The criminal solicitors (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal have extensive experience in bail applications in the Magistrates Court and Supreme Court. The criminal solicitors (criminal defence lawyers) at Broaden Legal are very efficient in preparing bail bonds and conditions. Most of our bail applications are granted at the first attempt.


Not only objective evidence is evidence (DNA, cameras, paperwork, etc.). Witness statements are also evidence. As long as the police believe that the victim's statement outweighs the defendant's statement, it is possible to charge the defendant. Similarly, a conviction is possible after cross-examination if the judge (District Court) or jury believes the victim's or other witnesses' statements.
In the Magistrates' Court, if the Mental Health Act application is successful, the criminal proceedings are dismissed and a clean record is achieved. Even if the application fails, the defendant can still fight the not guilty trial. If the acquittal trial is unsuccessful, the application can be reconsidered on appeal, and if unsuccessful then a sentencing/conviction appeal can be made. If appropriate, a application equates to giving the defendant several more chances to achieve a clean record outcome.
In a NSW State jury trial, if 12 jurors cannot agree, the judge will give special instructions for the jury to try to reach 11. If 11 people cannot agree either, the jury will be discharged. The prosecution can re-advance the case (retrial). If the jury is discharged twice in a row and cannot agree, in practice the prosecution will not usually proceed to a third retrial.
No. The elements of criminal law in Australia may be different from what is commonly perceived. For example, many people think that not getting physical is not violence. Many people think you can't be charged with importing drugs if you don't know what's in the parcel. What you should do during a police interview is to ask the police officer if you can remain silent, and if so, you should remain silent. Anything you say can be used as evidence for a conviction making it substantially more difficult for your future lawyer to defend you.
There are many documents and conditions to prepare for bail. This is because failing to post bail in the Magistrates' Court results in having to go to the District or Supreme Court to try again, which is a lot more expensive and time consuming. In addition to the need for a bond and surety, both the bond and surety need to meet certain conditions, and additional conditions may increase the success rate of bail such as electronic shackles, which need to be prepared well in advance if they are to be used. We have extensive practical experience in this area.
A visa may be cancelled if you are sentenced to prison for more than 12 months, PR is also a visa. In addition, any criminal record may result in the renewal of the visa being questioned by the Immigration Department and asked to provide additional explanations and statements before the visa can be successfully renewed.