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Life-Time Safe Keeping of Will

– We can draft legally binding will quickly

– Our Fixed Fees starts from $550

– Our Will can protect your assets from in-laws

– We keep your will in fire-proof safe

– We obtain probate efficiently

– We charge less than NSW Trustee

– We can defend or challenge will

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Did you know that if you do not have proper will the following may happen:

  1. – Assets given to beneficiary is split in family law proceedings
  2. – Incurring unnecessary legal fees in obtaining a letter of adminstration
  3. – Dispute between family members destroys relationship and incurs huge amount of legal fees

– We are prepare to help you to avoid the above risks

We can help with the follows

Draft Will

Draft Testamentary Trust

Apply for Probate

Apply for Letter of Adminstration

Safe Keeping Will

Estate Management

Defending Will

Challenging Will