Specialised area of family law

Specialised area of family law

Awarded Family Law Firm of the Year

Specialised Family Law:

– Successfully conducted hundred million assets case

– Successfully obtained all assets in Australia in many cases

– Successfully obtained sole parenting in many cases

– Successfilly defeated many attempts to dispose assets

– Successfully obtain costs orders in the family court

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李律师 – Sean Li

Mr. Li specialises in family law and has a wealth of negotiation and court trial experience, along with numerous successful cases. If your marital status or cohabitation relationship changes, be sure to consult a professional family lawyer. You only have a few opportunities, and everything you do at this highly emotional time will affect the future progression of your situation. Avoid doing anything that you will regret. 

Some Testimonials

“赢了”两个字何其承重,在此深深为Sean Li(李律师)和Vivian律师致谢!历时两半的离婚财产官司诉讼,每一步都走得何其艰辛!当我们成为受害人,是因为我们并不知道对方是个人渣,就更不会提前收集整理每一个证据。在这种先天不足的情况下,又被一些光面堂皇的律师所忽悠掉一些律师费之后,我几乎对人间正义不抱希望。就在离财产诉讼失效期仅剩一个月的时间里,转机出现,我认识了李律师,我在其它留言区里也见到了大家对他的评价。他除了大脑睿智、思维敏捷、个性沉稳,有过硬的专业知识之外,最让我感动的是具有“猎犬”一样的精神,丝毫不夸张,我举几个例:

Truly honest and efficient legal service from solicitor Sean Li and his team who work hard to find the best legal solution for me. I’ve changed 3 laywer firms for my case. Eventually I found Sean, the right one working from what I really want to achieve not from what the solicitor want to press on the client as a lot of other lawyers did. Reasonable clearly cost make the efficient legal service more affordable and valuable.

Solicitor Sean Li is very professional. During my case with my ex wife, he put in a lot of effort looking into my case to help me fight for the optimal outcome. He was always patient and reply to my questions in a timely manner. I could never achieve such a satisfying outcome without his help.

Strongly recommended. First of all, I need to say a big THANK YOU to Sean and Vivian who are providing constant assistance to my case. With their help, I won the lawsuit. I consulted many lawyers before I chose Sean Li. I trusted him straight away after the first consultation, as he provided me the most constructive legal advice and gave me confidence to sue the defendant. He is also the most responsive and patient solicitor that I have ever met. Sean and Vivian patiently explained all the legal actions they were intending to conduct. Besides, they also respected my requests and my thoughts. Moreover, Sean and Vivian are also very considerate in terms of the solicitors’ fee. Firstly, they avoided redundant legal actions and dealt with my case efficiently. Secondly, they listed all the details about their charge and informed me by emails before their actions. If I need legal advice in the future, I will definitely choose Sean and Broaden Legal again.

在此特别感谢Sean Li, 为李律师的专业,负责,与靠谱。因为妈妈离婚的事情见过不少律师,大部分在忽悠,想方设法的掏钱,李律师收费公开透明,办多少事收多少钱,耐心解释,回答问题,家庭法方面的问题强烈推荐李律师。

Their Partner and Senior Solicitor, Sean Li, recently helped me to arrange and sort out some of my family issues, which include asset allocation and management over various states inside Australia and overseas. With his support, my assets, and so my benefits, were well-protected under the Australian Family Law Acts in a timely manner.

Therefore, I strongly recommend Sean Li and his team at Broaden Legal for family laws-related matters. He and the team are very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, empathetic and patient in listening to clients’ requests.

I am truly grateful for his professional advice and services.

Sean has been very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. With his professionalism I am able to save a lot on the cost & keep confidence in getting a more favorable result on my case.

We can help with the following issues

Financial Agreement

Financial Settlement

Assets Protection

Partial Property Settlement

Parenting Plan

Parenting Responsibilities

Child abduction



Establish De Facto Relationship

Deny De Facto Relationship


Why Choos Us?

Our goal is to fight for your best interest. We will not delegate your case to in-experienced lawyer. Our principal lawyer will conduct your case personally. We will endeavour to respond to your email or WeChat within 24 hours.

We only practise in our specialised areas. We have real world final hearing/Jury trial experience. We have long term good cooperatives relationship with many QC/SC and counsel (many of whom became Judges).

Our fees are reasonable and transparent. Every invoice is itemised invoice. We will at the beginning tell you the prospect of success of your case. If there is a chance to settle your case we will try to settle your case to save legal fees and time.

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WeChatID: SeanLiSolicitor WeChat 2D Code:

Mr Li:0405 313 999