Specialised area of civil litigation

Specialised area of civil litigation

We will advise you propsect of sucess with our vast court experience

– Construction related debt recovery no need to go to court

– Many successful injunction application

– Many cases that obtained full compensation for clients

– Many cases won involving tens of millions in dispute

– Many favourable costs orders in various courts

– Many successful costs assessment against other lawyers.


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If a case cannot settle, the most important thing is to win:

– Losing party will have to pay winning party large sums of legal fees. 

– We have real litigation expertise. We can quickly ascertain your prospect of success and make forensic decisions.

– If your prospect of sucess is not high, we have vast experience in pressuring and negotating toward settlement.

You should consult with specialised litigation lawyer. We can:

  1. – Quickly construct chronology and identifying key points
  2. – Precisely locate key evidence in massive amount of documents, WeChat and emails.
  3. – Acutely construct case theory and evidence needed.

– Retain the most costs-effective counsel

Some Testimonials

Strongly recommended. First of all, I need to say a big THANK YOU to Sean and Vivian who are providing constant assistance to my case. With their help, I won the lawsuit – the defendant need to return all my money. I consulted many lawyers before I chose Sean Li. I trusted him straight away after the first consultation, as he provided me the most constructive legal advice and gave me confidence to sue the defendant. He is also the most responsive and patient solicitor that I have ever met. It is my first time to deal with lawsuit in Australia and I am dealing with the toughest and trickiest type of defendant ever. Sean and Vivian patiently explained all the legal actions they were intending to conduct. Besides, they also respected my requests and my thoughts. Moreover, Sean and Vivian are also very considerate in terms of the solicitors’ fee. Firstly, they avoided redundant legal actions and dealt with my case efficiently. Secondly, they listed all the details about their charge and informed me by emails before their actions. If I need legal advice in the future, I will definitely choose Sean and Broaden Legal again.


Had a property law sue issue last year, and there solicitors are very professional. They are very friendly as well, walked me through every steps and the whole process was really smooth.

I was impressed by how good Sean is. Tried different lawyers and Sean is definitely one of the best! He used his expertise help us avoid lots of potential issues during the commercial lease negotiation process. Responsive and efficient! Highly recommend Sean!

Sean has been very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. With his professionalism I am able to save a lot on the cost & keep confidence in getting a more favorable result on my case.

Very good law firm. Lawyer Sean was very patient in answering my questions. Won my case, won my rights, and gave me a lot of legal advice. very recommended.

We can help with the follows

Debt Recovery

Property Loan/Mortgage

Oral Agreement Loan

Shareholder/Director Loan

No Bank Transfer Loan

Construction related Loan


Defective Works

Delay Construction Claim

Guarantee Claim

Misleading/Deceptive Conduct

Investment Fraud

Shareholder Oppression

Breach of Director’s Duty

Breach of Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder/Director Dispute

Contract Dispute

Trust Dispute

Partnership Dispute

Costs Assessment

Our goal is to fight for your best interest. We will not delegate your case to in-experienced lawyer. Our principal lawyer will conduct your case personally. We will endeavour to respond to your email or WeChat within 24 hours.

We only practise in our specialised areas. We have real world final hearing/Jury trial experience. We have long term good cooperatives relationship with many QC/SC and counsel (many of whom became Judges).

Our fees are reasonable and transparent. Every invoice is itemised invoice. We will at the beginning tell you the prospect of success of your case. If there is a chance to settle your case we will try to settle your case to save legal fees and time.

First consultation free

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