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Family law is a highly specialised area. If there are changes in your marital status or cohabitation arrangements, or if you are considering separation or divorce, or suspect that your partner is considering separation, divorce, or property division, it’s essential to consult a specialised family lawyer. You have just a few opportunities, and every decision you make could significantly influence the final outcome. The actions you take during this emotionally charged period can affect how your situation develops in the future, so avoid doing anything you might regret later.

Broaden Legal offers the most specialised family lawyers. Broaden Legal has a wealth of practical victory experience in various family law courts in Sydney (formerly the Family Court, now the Federal Circuit and Family Court). Whether it’s separation, applying for divorce, property distribution, parenting arrangements, or applying for spouse maintenance and child support, the Broaden Legal team has extensive negotiation and court experience and genuinely understands what is important to you in these difficult times.

Broaden Legal will explain the principles of Australian Family Law to you in simple, understandable language and offer practical advice. They are committed to dealing with your issues in a cost-effective way to minimise legal fees.

Broaden Legal respects your privacy, strictly maintains confidentiality, and handles your matters related to separation, divorce, property division, parenting arrangements, spouse maintenance, and child support with due caution and sensitivity.